We usually charge for our services on an hourly basis. This applies to legal proceedings as well as to consultations or out-of-court representation. In special constellations, a lump-sum fee can be agreed upon as an exception. The hourly rates vary between CHF 250 and CHF 400, depending on the complexity and importance of the case. In special cases a reduced rate may be applied. In addition to the fee, VAT at the applicable rate and expenses for copies, communication expenses, travel expenses, etc. are charged. The applicable hourly rate is determined in your fee agreement. Based on the rules of professional conduct, we are obliged to demand reasonable cost advances. If a compensation for legal fees is awarded in a court case, we will collect this compensation and include it in the fee invoice. Within the scope of legal proceedings, we examine whether an application for a free trial is promising when financial resources are scarce. If a free trial is granted, the attorney's fees will be paid by the state, but can be recovered by the state if your financial situation allows it. Please let us know if you have an insurance for legal expenses. We will be happy to check whether an application for cost credit can be submitted to this insurance company.

Franciska Hildebrand

Specialist SAV Family Law
Mediation SAV
Collaborative Practice clp-schweiz

Regula Schmid

LL.M. Specialist Social Insurance
Mediation SAV
Collaborative Practice clp-schweiz

Lena Pötz

MLaw, attorney

registered as

attorney and notary public

bar association of St. Gallen and Switzerland


Engelgasse 2 | Marktplatz
9004 St. Gallen

ph 071 222 77 52