is a new approach to manage disputes in a dignified manner. In this collaborative process the lawyers and their clients agree in writing to reach settlement without court involvement. They agree to work together to resolve all issues arising out of the dispute. Utilising their skills in client representation, negotiation and problem-solving, collaborative lawyers help their clients shape a fair agreement. The benefits of collaborative law help minimise financial and emotional costs for all concerned. The process is as follows.

- The parties agree with their lawyers to resolve issues without going to court
- Settlement is reached in '4 way' face to face meetings (2 of you and 2 lawyers)
- All information and disclosure is provided in the collaborative process
- You control the process but with your lawyer there for legal advice and guidance
- If settlement fails new lawyers will have to be instructed for court proceedings

First, the parties and their lawyers close a written agreement. To guarantee the mutual trust, there are lawyers on both sides who are subject to the strict Codex of the Swiss Association of Collaborative Law and Practice (clp Schweiz). In Eastern Switzerland, they unite in the Collaborative Law Pool Zürich/Ostschweiz. Additionally, Collaborative law allows you the benefit of child and financial specialists, divorce coaches and other professionals all working together on your team. We consult you about the advantages and limits of collaborative law, the costs and duration.

Franciska Hildebrand

Specialist SAV Family Law
Mediation SAV
Collaborative Practice clp-schweiz

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LL.M. Specialist Social Insurance
Mediation SAV
Collaborative Practice clp-schweiz

Lena Pötz

MLaw, attorney

registered as

attorney and notary public

bar association of St. Gallen and Switzerland


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