Inheritance Law, Last Will, Inheritance Contract, Living Will

Dealing with inheritance matters ist complex. There is no general solution, but different possibilities according to the financial circumstances and life situation of the persons or the family involved.

We consult you concerning the different possibilities to provide during lifetime (last will, marriage and/or inheritance contract). Inheritance disputes are complicated. To secure your rights it is important to be consulted and represented by a competent lawyer.


mandat, Client Journal of the Bar Association St. Gallen
Essay by Regula Schmid in No. 03/2006: Ich heirate eine Familie - wer erbt?

Swiss Civil Code - Inheritance Law Art. 457-640 ZGB

Old-Age-Provision (Vorsorgeauftrag), Procuration (Vollmacht), Patient's Provision (Patientenverfügung)? What makes sense in your case? We consult on possibilities to deal with questions of age and illness and legalize your living will.  


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